Sunday , November 17 2019
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Is quantum communication a pseudoscience?

The “Mozi No.” was launched almost three years ago. What new discoveries have it made? What is the connection between quantum communication and the public, is it pseudoscience? On the 10th, at the press conference held at the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political …

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Scholars screamed Save the Chinese reservoir!

During the two days of the “Global Reservoir Dam Symposium” held in Xi’an, the atmosphere was very hot. I have the privilege of listening to reports from top water experts and scholars from all over the world. Among them, I was deeply impressed by Ms. Wang Yinan from the National …

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It is the last word to develop and grow yourself!

Trump Twitter said: “In the past 10 months, China has paid 25% of the US$50 billion high-tech products to the US and 10% of the other 200 billion US dollars. The tariff component has contributed to our good economic results. From Friday, the 10% tariff will rise to 25%. The …

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Grasping the focus of next-generation information technology

[Editor’s note] Digitalization, networking, and intelligence are the prominent features of a new round of technological revolution and the core of a new generation of information technology. Digitalization lays the foundation for social informationization, and its development trend is the comprehensive dataization of society. Dataization emphasizes the collection, aggregation, analysis …

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Thoughts on Several Issues of Sino-US Trade Friction

Abstract: The current Sino-US trade friction is inevitable, structural and long-term. We must not only think and deal with it strategically but also strategically. No matter how Trump toss, we must always be firm and confident, maintain our strength, carry out overall deployment according to our own rhythm, turn pressure …

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